right in front of my face
February 26, 2011, 1:29 am
Filed under: dear diary

I finally have internet again- thank you service provider- which means that I can re-commence polluting the internet with other peoples pictures and stories and maybe even adding some of my own. blogging is so stop and start. people make new years resolutions about this stuff- wordpress even has a ‘post per day’ or ‘post per week’ challenge. challenge being the operative word in my case where i tend to deprive myself of alone time while at the same time craving it like my diabetic friend catherine craves pickled onions and green olives.

I’m jealous of folks who update their blog every day or even every week, mostly due to the fact that this means their quota of alone time is larger than mine.  Truthfully, I think it’s just that they use their alone time more effectively i.e. don’t watch 10 episodes of Sons of Anarchy in a row and actually have the capacity for reflection and use their brain outside of business hours. Hmm- that assumes that I use my brain during business hours which is debatable.

My AYAD post finishes in about six weeks- I haven’t been this excited since six weeks before my AYAD post began. I love living in Fiji, I’m engaged to Island Boy and have met a bunch of fun people who continually challenge me to misbehave (and vice versa), but it’s also been a tough twelve months, particularly at work and I can’t wait to publish a tell-all post on my last day. It’s amazing the number tasks on my daily work agenda that have been classified as ‘capacity building’ and it’s incredibly disappointing when your secretary…. oops, let’s wait six weeks!

So, I’m back. More soon….


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