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September 15, 2010, 12:13 pm
Filed under: dear diary, getting on with it

no more lists of babble and drab- starting from my next post i’m going to actually get my shit together and start writing coherent, full length SENTENCES. i’ve been hesitant in putting my actual real life ‘pen to paper’ diary into the blogosphere, but i’m beginning to realise that sharing is the new black and people are starting to open up more and more to the experiences of others as they seek ‘authenticity’, creativity and more open social environments (mostly facilitated by social networking and media). and so the challenge to myself is to open up more and more and not get left behind. my decision comes from hours, days, weeks & months of trawling through blogs and online magazines in order to learn about my own blogging style and the direction i want my blog to go in. this, of course, without blatantly copying. so, with this in mind, here are links to four blogs that have inspired, influenced and challenged me to be a ‘better’ blogger;

1. What Possessed Me

2. HorsePigCow- a world uncommon

3. Kate Kendall

4.  Jolie O’Dell

Tell me about the blogs you’ve found and I will surely update the list as my inspirations evolve/I find new blogging delights!


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Thank you so much, my dear! I am honored to be a positive influence of any kind – a refreshing change from encouraging everyone around me to complain relentlessly while over-indulging in food, drink and other bad things. Keep up the good writing. xoxo

Comment by What Possessed Me

I can’t wait to read Cass 2.0! And you’ve inspired me to start posting more again. x

Comment by Kate Kendall

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