the land has eyes and teeth
May 18, 2010, 12:39 am
Filed under: f-f-f-fiji, getting on with it, the beginning and the end

my list of ‘cities i’ve lived in’ has increased by one and oh how ‘stuff white people like” of me to say it considering i’m only up to my third (canberra, melbourne, suva).  ok so the list looks kind of pathetic but i’ve been thinking  on the experiences i’ve had with the first two cities (suva is early days!), how they are different, how i’ve evolved (and at times, regressed), who i have met, what i’ve learnt from them and how all of these seem to relate to how the hell i’ve found myself in Suva-  almost an  ‘on giants shoulders’  revelation. in canberra i was trying to get away from growing up in the country and making every mistake possible to distance myself from that- i learnt that talking shit was ok,  recovery parties are almost definitely ALWAYS shit and that P’s make degrees.  in melbourne i was moving forward with experiences i had and people i’d met in canberra and learning about myself as a ‘grown up’- talking shit became a fine art, recovery parties were still almost definitely ALWAYS shit and thus evolved into just taking heaps of acid so that recovery was next to impossible until sleep, and that always trying to get out of things is actually more stressful than just fucking doing them.  suva seems to be about putting all that crap i learnt from all those experiences and people and actually being a ‘grown up’  – also add into the equation that no one knows me here and it almost feels like i’ve left home again for the first time and i’m on my own to go forth into the world with whatever my parents remembered to teach me/whatever i remembered to remember.  it’s the old  ‘horse to water’ adage.  canberra and melbourne were good to me and i hope the suva is the same- stay tuned for city #4. Suggestions? xx


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