close the door behind you
February 18, 2010, 5:14 am
Filed under: b&w, dear diary, silence please

the modern day booty call comes in a text message with a plethora of facades.  they generally come in innocent albeit sexually loaded questions- e.g. “do you wanna come over?” and, let’s be honest, usually end with either some lame cock-blocking message or a night of awkward sex and discussion about whether to stay the whole night… however there’s also the other breed of booty text that one needs to watch out for. i’m talking about the one from an ex-lover. the “i miss you and want you back” text. the one where the ex-lover is simply after a confidence boost and really means “i miss having sex on tap and want you back just for tonight”. these are the most transparent, yet in contradiction- also the most dangerous. i’ve recently started receiving such messages from an ex. The “I was so happy with you, please take me back” bullshit that is going on is a little boring/needy to say the least. Taking into account that- 1. these messages are coming in on friday and saturday nights when there’s a 99.99% chance that he’s wasted, and 2. he’s declaring all this shite by entering some words into a key pad, probably resting against the bar or the toilet wall (heck- you want me back so bad you’re going to text me from the dance floor instead of maybe calling me at an appropriate ‘let’s get back together’ time in the week? it must be true love.) –  i’m certain that there is nothing in this besides the fact that he’s suffering from good old fashioned slam poverty. go end your drought some-vag else. the sex was rubbish anyway. xx


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