thicker than water
January 13, 2010, 1:49 pm
Filed under: dear diary, silence please, wild things

my sister and i used to have mass double punch on’s and not really be able to use words to express our resentment towards each other. i’ve tried to drown her, stick a fish hook through her finger etc etc and growing up i’m sure she cried a lot. so i don’t seem like too much of an evil girl child, let’s just say that i have a higher pain threshold and there were times when she caned me also. anyway! about a month ago we heard a story about how a girl killed her sister over a hair straightener. my sister and i laughed about that remembering the time we almost maimed each other over a skirt (it was early noughties and it was fucking gross and if i had the chance i’d go back in time and just burn it) and had to be hustled into separate corners by our parents. we’re both adults now and apparently getting along better.  i could forgive my sister for giving me a busted lip..i could forgive my sister for killing me over a hair straightener (so long as it was a GHD) but this shit below is just plain “point of no return”…

what are you going to do? tell mum and dad i put your cock sucking list on facebook? funniest shit ever. what happens when they sit down for dinner tonight? what happens in ten years time and they’ve got bogan asian babies of their own and everyone’s invited over for sunday chow mein? i just don’t get it… i just don’t effing get it…


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