twothousandandnine- the epilogue
January 4, 2010, 1:30 am
Filed under: the beginning and the end

dancing in the kitchen,sleeping,kissing boys,kissing girls,the jungle book,making plans,breaking plans,ice cream,ace of base,falling off the roof,laying on the grass,reading books,being a dunce,joining the crab club,churching it,housemates,pretending to understand,dick in a box,kick push flush,cutting pictures out of magazines,wishing my name was zingarina,homeless homos,figuring out what it’s all about,getting places,getting nowhere,dancing in the backyard,wanderlust,free wine and cheese,the return of 3D,stroke victims,mermaids,finding the child support,braiding,karl lagerfeld,remembering to breathe,10 mobile phones,6 pairs of sunglasses,not getting enough sleep, adult acne,cunt hole,care bear,stealing watches,becoming a more engaging person,not wanting to become engaged,shits and giggles,munificence,black doctor,are you ok?,gypsies,schnoods,vagina suit,cocktails at seven (a.m),family dinner,dreaming in colour,gaysians,festivals,meltdowns,neurosis,crossing the border,body slams,cigarettes,losing my keys,fried milky cabbage,going home,loving the shit out it. xx


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